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United States
I'm a web/graphic designer... though my unrequited passion lies in photography and cooking/baking. I'm going to try to slowly show all my favorite pieces here.

I love nature and animal photography. People are weird. They never look natural enough for me. ^_^;

I do have open commissions!! You can view the journal entry with the details here:…

Current Residence: Middle-of-Nowhere Kansas
Operating System: Windows 7 and XP
Favorite cartoon character: Sailor Moon!!
Personal Quote: "What now?"

So much happened the week of the wedding, and I feel like I should put it all together to help paint a picture for all of those who were unable to join us for the happy day.


For Earl and I the week started on Thursday. We had actually been running around all week making sure that things were ready to go, but Thursday is the day that we headed up to check into the hotel. We had a lot of stops to make too; marriage license, wedding dress, mic accessories, deliveries... you know. The best part, for me, was that my best friend from college was flying in that night. We all hung out in the hotel hot-tub (and by all I mean Marcelo, Carrie, Earl and myself) that night.


Friday was crazy. Woke up and discovered that the hotel breakfast actually wasn't terrible. Hell, we got to make waffles! My bestie, Carrie, planned a whole day of fun times and we started that up around noon. The day consisted of a group of us showing up consistently late to all of our destinations. But of well, it didn't change how much fun we had along the way! We stopped and did some tipsy painting (totally have Marcelo's painting hanging above my crapper), ran off to a spa and got our nails did (along with some much needed massages), and then finished up the day with an amazing dinner at Kobe Steakhouse where we were able to eat with my best friend from my days at the GAP, Joey. At this point I had 3 of my closest friends in the world with me, and there is no describing the joy that I was feeling. Once again, we finished up the night in the hotel hot tub and then continued the party up in Earl's and my room with some card and board games. Joey and I somehow ended up at a super ghetto Denny's at like 3 in the morning, causing me to not get to bed till about 4:30 the night before my wedding. But... eh. It was precious time spent with my best friend, and I wouldn't have done it any different.


Saturday was the big day. So much happened this day that honestly it was all a pretty big blur to me. So... let's take this in steps:


1 - Prep

2 - Salon

3 - Getting Dressed

4 - Getting Married

5 - Photos

6 - After Party


1 – PREP

The morning was ok for me. I wasn't quite fully nervous yet, but hey... that would change. Up in my room, Carrie and mom helped with the wedding programs while Joey helped me destroy small dead flowers and Earl finalized the wedding music. In hindsight, this also should have been the time that we loaded up all of this stuff into the cars. You'll know why soon. I should have also had all of my stuff that I was going to wear in one central location... again... you'll know why. At one point, we still had time so I called my boys and we all went behind the hotel and picked some of the wild sunflowers that were growing back there. I honestly had no idea why. It just seemed like something to do... and hell... maybe I'd use them in my hair or something? (in the end they were just added to the table centerpieces) This is also around the time that other people started to show up. Earl's sister and her gang arrived and I was able to give her all of the clothes for her group. I'm so glad that she liked the dress that I had bought for her, it looked great and the color was perfect.



Now... originally we were all going to the salon around 12:30 to get all done up for the wedding... but given how many cancellations there were in the party, we were bumped up to 2:30 with the promise that we would be out in an hour and a half tops. I figured this was ok since their makeup girl didn't get in until 2 anyway. Well, while there I was able to get some food. Thank the lord up above they provided bagels. Carrie and mom both got their hair done beautifully, and done well. Their hairstyles kept all day and into the night, but for some unknown reason I wasn't so lucky. My stylist apparently had no idea what she was doing and my hair was already losing shape as we left the place. But... eh. Story of my life. We ended up getting out late and Carrie wasn't even able to get her makeup done. This put her even further behind schedule than I was, as she now had to take care of it herself back at the hotel.



Upon arriving back at the hotel I spotted the rest of the wedding party. The OKC gang had all shown up and were congregating in the lobby. Unfortunately I had absolutely zero time to stop and chat or even really greet them as I had to run and get dressed for the wedding! It was agreed that I'd get dressed in either Marcelo or Joey's rooms as for some weird reason they actually had more than one mirror, and that was going to be a must. Now at this point our photographer was already with us. She had met us at the salon and was following us back for some photos of us getting ready. I honestly have no idea if she really got anything though. Like I said, the guys were all already dressed and I was basically getting ready by myself in Marcelo's room. He was able to help me into my dress though. (minor issue where the zipper almost wouldn't zip!) This was the time that mom called and completely lost it. Her dress zipper had completely broken on her and she was just so destroyed about it. Carrie was also just coming into the room, and she was in charge of helping me get finished up. I also helped her with her own sash and gave her a pretty bow using my crazy awesome bow tying skills. Poor Marcelo was still fighting with the broken zipper on mom's dress that she had brought into the room, and I eventually had to tell him to leave it so that he could finish getting ready. Mae and Joey, at this point, were the only ones of us ready to go. After a bit more hustling to make sure we had everything, we decided that it was time to get the hell outta there and to the venue. The goal was to take some “first look” photos with Earl and I, and of my dad’s initial reaction of me in my dress. Let’s just say we were running behind schedule. While running down the hall, my dad was hustling his way to us when he completely went past me, stopped, and then nearly passed out from realizing what he just saw. Unfortunately none of that is on camera. We didn’t realize he would be running towards us and the photographer wasn’t ready with her camera.


Once we were all loaded up, I took a small moment to think over everything and just as dad was pulling out I had him stop the car. I called up Earl and asked if he had the rings. No. No he didn’t. Carrie ran up to my room and grabbed them for me. Now we could leave!!



Upon arriving at the venue, we were definitely late. (at least for those photos I wanted) I wasn’t able to get out of the car either, as Earl wouldn’t stop running around outside. Turns out, he would have to run back to the hotel anyway. While grabbing everything off the bed, he somehow missed the big box of flowers and the programs that were sitting on the dresser. So, no wedding flowers or programs. I would later find out that Carrie had spotted the box of flowers on the bed when she went to get the rings, but hadn’t really said anything about it as she didn’t think that the flowers were actually in it. (can you tell yet that we were so prepared for this…)


It took a little over 30 minutes for Earl and whoever went with him to get back with all the flowers. During this time I chilled out in the main room. I was nervous. Mainly a bit freaked out as things were getting forgotten and our photo schedule was getting blown all to hell. Also, the wedding planner wouldn’t stop asking me if I was OK or if I needed anything. I hate that. I can’t even stand it when retail employees do that to me.


Once the guys were back, the flowers were dispersed (with the small hiccup that all the pins were missing for the boutonnieres, wedding planner to the rescue), and everyone was lined up. The music started and everyone did great as they walked down. I missed watching the little kids, but I hear they did great. Dad and I were last, obviously, and I was worried again as everyone had walked so fast and the music actually had a queue for me to start walking. While arguing with the wedding planner for about 20 seconds my queue hit and I went ahead and started walking with dad. The moment the drop in the music hit and the re-mix version of the wedding march began while I walked dad gave me the craziest look. I had to laugh. Priceless. And seeing the look on Earl’s face as I walked down to him? Even better. One of my favorite moments.


The ceremony itself went quite smoothly, I think. The ring warming went really well, and our friends Stephen and April did a fantastic job of keeping the rings moving through the crowd. The vows were hard. Keep in mind that we actually wrote them ourselves, so it wasn’t like we didn’t know what they were. But hey… nerves. Earl struggled the most, but honestly I found it adorable. Even I had trouble at the end. Once it was all done, we were actually supposed to release all the rows one at a time as we greeted everyone… well that didn’t happen. I think I should have explained that to Earl a bit more, as  opposed to just mentioning it once or twice. Oh well. We were married!!



The photos started directly after the ceremony. The plan was to hurry up and get all the family photos done first, so that they could go and eat while we finished up with the wedding party. Well, turns out that gets hard when people vanish. So the photos took longer than we thought. We got the family photos done, and then got the photos of the kids finished up before freeing them of all wedding responsibilities.


I should probably mention that we had two photographers. We had the amazing Mrs. Emily Bowers, who we had hired on pretty last minute, and she had hired her own assistant; the equally amazing Mr. Darrin Hackney. From what my wedding planner told us, he is apparently one of the most renowned wedding photographers for the Wichita area…. So we scored pretty awesome on that one. Two amazing photographers for the price of one. The best part? Darrin specializes in fun shots. So we were really able to just be crazy and he was able to help us pose for the best shots, including help orchestrate our sparkler send-off!!


Now, this is where it gets crazy. Once the wedding was over, and we got all the group shots done, Earl and I FINALLY got to go eat and greet. Unfortunately most of the guest had already left!! It was crazy! We sat down and were catered to, but were kinda separated from everyone else. So I had my two best guys drag their asses over to our table and join us. I vaguely remember people stopping over to say “Hi” and congratulate us… but at that point my brain was mush and I was in the process of using all brain power to chew and not choke. I think I remember someone mentioning to a family member that I was rude and blew them off. I didn’t mean to!! Half-way through our food it was time to cut the cake. We got through that and then decided that we should start the dances. Earl and my first dance song somehow ended up in the main play list… so I was a bit upset about that. But we figured no one was paying attention anyway and used it like planned. Neither of us can dance. I’m sure if you were there, you noticed. We had actually had plans to take lessons. Last year we wanted to take formal dance lessons.. but never got around to it. Then a few months ago I learnt that Wichita had weekly swing dance classes… and again… we never got around to it. So yeah, you got our sorry version of dance. The father/daughter and mother/son dances went pretty good. Dad cut ours short before he started to cry, Earl’s mom last it at the end of theirs. And between the two, Earl and his guys serenaded me with “Afternoon Delight”. It’s something they all do when together and I wanted for them to do it at the wedding too. It was so fun!


At this point, we wanted to actually have open dance but the planner was asking about the tosses (bouquet and garter). Holy crap I forgot the garter!! The wedding planner had to run to the hotel to get it. That was 30 minutes we had to kill. Well instead of just dancing with  people and mingling, the photographers wanted to take the time to get some portrait shots of Earl and I while the lighting was just right. Queue us standing in streets and dodging traffic. Lol There are some great shots that I know we got, I’m just excited to see them all!


Once we spotted the wedding planner’s car coming back we high-tailed it back to the main spot. At this point even MORE people had left and we were down to just main family and wedding party. A lot of these people we had to beg to stay so that we had enough for the sparkler send off. We went through the tosses, and then let everyone know that we were going to do sparklers next. This part was fun! We actually had time to run back and forth through the sparklers a few times before they ran out. Did some fun silly slow-mo runs and regular walks. Though I’m sure some people were aiming those sparklers a bit close. I heard later, that just before this the wedding planner’s crew had started to take it all the decorations down, which I’m sure is what caused people to be leaving early. She apparently totally chewed them out for it when she got back with the garter. In the meantime, Earl and I headed to a dark shadowy spot with our buddy Micheal (who we used just because of his ability to run like crazy) and did the fun sparkler shot where you see the neat fairy-dust looking swirl around the bride/groom.


Once that was done, everyone else had pretty much left. Earl and I realized that we barely got to stop long enough to actually greet or say hi to ANYONE. We had spent the whole reception running around. It was still a bit early, and the photographers wanted more shots in (fine with me), so we gathered up anyone in the wedding party who was left and all headed towards the fountain area of the city.


I feel I should mention that upon getting into our car, our friends had taken the liberty of going to town on the thing. Every window was written on, and there were streamers and stuff coming out of every crevice. Thanks guys.


Now this is where it gets fun. We actually played around in the water near the Hyatt, enjoying the cold water on our feet. I had to laugh as people got paranoid about my dressing getting wet. Joey and I’m sure one or two other people were hiking skirts up while I purposely let them fall. Lol  We then went by the river and were taking a few more individual shots, when suddenly a fireworks show started up. Turns out that it was the last night for baseball games or something and the final fireworks show of the season. And we just so happened to be right in front of it with two great photographers. It’s pretty obvious that we took full advantage of the amazing luck and finished off our night with photos and fireworks.



So after all was said and done, we all headed back to the hotel. The OKC gang followed us over and we all said our goodbyes. They were headed right back to the city, and I don’t envy them. That’s a long drive to take after a long day of already driving up and being in a wedding.


The pool and hot tub in the hotel were kinda occupied so we just all headed up to our room for drinks and fun times. I’m pretty sure at one point we had about… 10+ people in there? Had some of the kids at one point. Mainly we all just chilled and hung out while enjoying drinks and company. Ok… maybe I didn’t really do any drinking. But you know. It was so much fun hanging out with everyone while we could. More friends were made that night, as everyone got to meet my guys from CA and they got to meet everyone from this area. Sometime that night a bunch of them vanished and I found myself alone in the room with my two guys Joey and Marcelo. We took the time to go through the cards that Earl and I had gotten, and realizing how tired I was, they decided that they would try and get everyone down to one of their rooms for the rest of the party. Joey had been trying to get me to take his room key and just go head down there to sleep, but I figured it wouldn’t look good if the new bride ran off to another guy’s room on the wedding night. Lol Joey and Marcelo eventually got everyone to relocate, and they all continued the party down in Marcelo’s room. Earl and I proceeded to pass the fuck out.




All in all it was a crazy, busy, hectic, amazing, fun-filled day. Our nerves were shot, and our bodies were exhausted. We had zero time to actually sit down and breath and visit with our guests. That’s probably our #1 regret of the whole wedding. We both wished we had been able to spend more time doing that. It was a huge bummer for us that we didn’t get the chance to mingle with all our family who took the time to come to the wedding. For that I just want to say to everyone that we didn’t get to see, or who felt like we blew them off, that we’re sorry. We really, truly are. We love you all, and if we could do it all again, all of those photos would have been done the day before or early that morning to allow for a more slow-paced and personal reception. (but hey, I was told that I couldn’t have pre-wedding photos by multiple family)


So from both Earl and I, THANK YOU. You all helped to make our day so special and unforgettable. We love you all!

A Sunflower Wedding by arashkya
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