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Tattoo Design - WIP by arashkya Tattoo Design - WIP by arashkya
So my good friend, SaintedDegree, came up with this tattoo design. He and his wife decided that they liked the whole Bride of Frankenstein pin up look.

The image on the right is the original image that he emailed to me. The one of the left is a re-sketch of his original with some tweaks. The image was shared on his FB account, and we took a lot of the suggestions into account in the new version.

Here is what was asked to be fixed:

Longer legs
fix weird left arm
make hair taller
bigger boobs

Here is what I fixed:

Made legs longer
extended torso
fixed left arm and hand, added in right arm for symetry
extended hair
added extra stitches
re-designed the "clothes"
fixed shoes
adjusted breasts
made shoulders a bit wider

The question now though, is does it look alright? It's going to be cleaned up in SAI and then colored in photoshop when finished. But until that point, I want to hear some feedback.

The idea is to not have her too slutty. They wanted to keep her mainly covered in a "one piece type of suit". I have gotten feedback from my bf, however, that her hair looked better short.

So please! If you can, can you give me some feedback before I start the inking?
SaintedDegree Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
Thank you for all the help love. Youre the best :)
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November 26, 2012
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